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The iVMS-4200 series, which includes five versions that cater to different needs, is developed by Hikvision and free for users. Choose from iVMS-4200, iVMS-4200 AC, iVMS-4200 VS, iVMS-4200 MAC, and All-In-One WorkStation depending on the functionality or the operation system that best suit you.​

This powerful platform provide rich functions that fulfill the management requirement of many small to medium-sized businesses: live viewing, playback, video recording, remote searching, data retrieval and report. The great compatibility with Hikvision hardware makes it easier for you to manage devices.


The iVMS-4200 free software, developed by Hikvision, equips you with live video camera feed, access control, video intercom, alarms, and data storage, and is compatible with Hikvision hardware. It provides solutions tailored to take small businesses up to the next level. At the same time, an iVMS-4200 system can link video modules and access control modules for convergent solutions that adapt to even more complicated applications. Learn More


Hikvision has designed its new iVMS-4200 AC Client Software for all your access control needs. The first version comes with powerful access control functions, including time and attendance records, video intercom services, attendance report exporting, status monitoring, real-time alarms, event retrieval, and more. Learn More


iVMS-4200 VS is an abbreviated version of the iVMS-4200. This software package provides basic video surveillance functions, including real-time live viewing, playback, video recording, remote searching, data retrieval and report. This is an ideal solution for smaller projects in, for example, a supermarket, a home, and many other similarly sized projects. Learn More


The iVMS-4200 Mac version is CCTV software designed for a MAC system. It features real-time live viewing, playback, E-Maps, and alarm processing modules. Compatible with Hikvision devices, it meets critical requirements for small-sized projects, such as a small supermarkets, apartment buildings, and much more. Learn More


Hikvision’s 4200 Workstation is an all-in-one workstation that comes equipped with the 4200 management software embedded and supports hard-disk storage. It provides users with seamless management among the following four systems most often found in a security solution: the CCTV system, access control & attendance, video intercom, and alarms. Compatible with Hikvision devices, the 4200 Workstation provides well-suited solutions for small to medium-sized business markets. Learn More

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