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Banking & Finance

Security has always been a critical component in the banking industry. Financial institutions require top-level solutions and an agile response to events


Hikvision’s retail solution caters to both small and big businesses, ranging from a convenience store to a spacious shopping mall. Although each business in the retail sector takes distinct forms and exhibits different characteristics, they all share the need for better property security and smarter management and operations.



Educational institutions provide young people with the tools to thrive in today’s world. And keeping students and staff safe in educational environments is becoming increasingly important. However, on-campus security installations still face many challenges.



As city populations grow, so do car ownership and the burdens on urban traffic systems. A solution that improves awareness, removes complexity, and reduces labor is obviously needed.


Safe City

These integrated technologies enable rapid and effective responses to security needs and events. All componentry, software, and services in the Safe City Solution reinforce public administration, improve people’s lives, and boost substantial, long-term development.

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