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EZVIZ CloudPlay

A safer, simpler way to store and share every important moment

A Next-Level Video Storage Experience

CloudPlay means less hassle, less worry


No more missed moments as you can always view and replay them on cloud.

No more video loss caused by storage card failure or camera theft.

No more frustrating storage limits with local storage tools.


It’s all about seamless, interactive experiences

Access live videos on your smart camera anywhere and any time through the EZVIZ App. From daily routines to unexpected events, you’re just a touch away from knowing what’s going on.

Live viewing

Instant alerts


We make it simple to store and share every moment

If you would like, upon subscription, EZVIZ CloudPlay can automatically save motion-triggered videos, or simply record a sweet family moment whenever you want. We offer versatile subscription plans to make sure every need is well covered.

*For video sharing, users will need to first download cloud videos to the EZVIZ App on their mobile device.


Video Sharing


Everything about your data safety is our priority

EZVIZ strictly follows the industry's security standards and never compromises your privacy for any reason. Data transmissions between your devices and the Cloud is double-encrypted from end to end. Learn more about our commitment to Data Security.

Encrypted video storage


Choose the Right Plan For You


Enjoy CloudPlay for up to 30 days before making a commitment

Available for every EZVIZ camera purchase

7-day event-based video history

Every camera supported*

The most flexible options you can have to record what’s important

The go-to option to upgrade your trial

3, 7 and 30-day event-based video history – your choice

1 camera supported*

A bundled solution for families to store, share and care

A budget saver if you have multiple EZVIZ products

7 and 30-day event-based video history – your choice

Up to 4 cameras supported

Unlimited cloud storage

Unlimited cloud storage

Unlimited cloud storage

*Every EZVIZ camera can enter a 30-day free trial on EZVIZ CloudPlay upon camera purchase. The standard plans only offer cloud storage to one EZVIZ camera.

Plan pricing and details may vary among countries and regions. Please refer to the subscription page on your EZVIZ App for final information.


A Simple Setup Gets You on the Cloud!

Step 1

Download the EZVIZ App, log in and connect your EZVIZ products to it.

Step 2

Select camera you want to enroll from the EZVIZ App.

Step 3

Choose your storage plan.

Step 4

Enjoy all EZVIZ CloudPlay benefits!

Seamless, real-time
video viewing

Auto motion-based video recording

7-Day Plan

30-Day Plan

Unlimited, secure cloud storage



We Innovate to Make EZVIZ CloudPlay Better


Global service coverage with networked cloud servers for faster, smoother video viewing and playback on every end device.


Monthly active users


High computing efficiency that guarantees high concurrency and low latency for real-time, lag-free experiences.


Videos saved on the cloud every day


Alerts processed and sent daily


Security-first data system that strictly adheres to international cloud security protocols for ultra user privacy.


Real-time video views initiated daily

Check Compatibility

We are working hard to bring EZVIZ CloudPlay to the wider world.

Available countries and Regions


Note* the list of country above are all supported with the EZVIZ CloudPlay ecosystem

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