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ATM Dedicated Hybrid DVR

  • Appearance Design
  • 7-inch touchable LCD
  • Video Input and Transmission
  • Connectable to HDTVI, network and analog cameras
  • Up to 8-ch IP camera input
  • Compression and Recording
  • H.264+ compression improves encoding efficiency by up to 50% and reduces data storage costs
  • Full channel recording at up to 3 MP resolution
  • Support overlapping the multiple AMT cards’ number and multiple protocols
  • Support triggering recording once inserting the ATM card
  • Support triggering recording by ATM transaction behaviors
  • Privacy mask for masking certain region and protecting sensitive information
  • Supports up to 4-ch smart ATM configuration of panel mode, environment mode, human face mode, and safety cabin mode
  • together, up to 2-ch human face mode, and up to 4-ch panel mode, environment mode, or safety cabin mode respectively
  • Video Output
  • Simultaneous output of VGA and HDMI with up to 1080p resolution of VGA output and up to 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution of
  • HDMI output
  • Storage and Playback
  • 4 SATA interfaces (up to 8 TB of capacity per HDD)
  • Supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10
  • 4-ch synchronous playback
  • Enabling/disabling the function of transaction information overlapping during playback and live view
  • Playback by inputting ATM card number, transaction amount or transaction type
  • Playback by smart ATM alarm
  • Smart Function
  • VQD (Video Quality Diagnostics)
  • Network & Ethernet Access
  • Easy network management
  • 2 RJ45 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet interfaces