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1080P LED Light Source DLP Projection Display Unit

1080P LED Light Source DLP Projection Display Unit


The 1080P LED projection display unit adopts the DLPTMDMD display chip of Texas Instrument using the totally new LED cold light source, providing 150% and above color gamut range.  High contrast ratio and high degree of saturation and high performance of color.  Taking the LED light as source is another progress made after theBrilliantColor ™.



Key Features:

•Adopting the latest LED cold light source technology, the display unit has an ultra wide color gamut range to provide a better control on the color performance. The degree of color saturation is 140%.

•Long lifetime  as 120000 hours;

•LED fast switching;

•Automatic color and brightness adjustment ensures the evenness of the color and brightness.

•In-built image processor ;

•PIP display;

•The video window can roam, scale, and overlap in the video wall as a floating window.

•IP5X for Ingress Protection

•Solid state components reduce the moving parts wear condition thus improve the steadiness and reliability of the LED mechanism;

•A closed structure design, with multiple air filtering system for dust-proof;

•Solid state LED for green and environmental illumination with no mercury pollution;

Physical Interface:

Real Panel of 1080P LED light source series: