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Keep You Visually Connected to Life

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Video History

Instant Alerts

Two-Way Audio

Video and Image Sharing


Always Feel like You’re Home

No matter where you go, home is never far away. The EZVIZ App brings all of your live video feeds together for easier remote check-in.

Never Miss a Moment

Swipe through your day in minutes and quickly find what you're looking for with snapshots of each moment. The EZVIZ App stores the past 30 days of recordings for FREE.


Be the First to Know Everything

If movement is detected, EZVIZ cameras take a picture and start recording. An instant notification will be sent to your smartphone, so you’ll be the first to know what’s happening in or around your home.

Real-Time Talk

For times when you’re away from home and want to talk to your loved ones or pets, there’s two-way talk. Just press the button on the EZVIZ App and let EZVIZ do the rest.

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Share with Family and Friends

Turn any part of your video history into a clip that you can share with friends, family or even the police.

Intuitive interface

Even with a host of powerful features, the EZVIZ App is still simple to use. Its clean layout makes iteasy to find all of your devices, change settings and see what's happening with just a few taps.


Keep You Visually Connected to Life

Get the EZVIZ app

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