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Hikvision has designed its new iVMS-4200 AC Client Software for all your access control needs. The first version comes with powerful access control functions, including time and attendance records, video intercom services, attendance report exporting, status monitoring, real-time alarms, event retrieval, and more.



  • New system architecture supports 24/7 operation. The server continues to receive data and event information when the client is not in operation. 

  • New, flat UI design is more intelligent and technologically advanced.

  • A light-weight software design for a smaller-sized installation packages and improved running speeds.

  • Flexible attendance rule configuration and several attendance report types. 

  • Supports third-party integration through an SQL database.



Access Control System
iVMS-4200 AC features flexible access control configuration and time-permission configurations – such as automatic opening and closing doors – which can be scheduled to accommodate workday hours and holidays. Combined with intercom products, this advanced software provides users with a host of solution combinations to meet requirements under a variety of scenarios.

Time & Attendance System

iVMS-4200 AC offers flexible attendance rules and multiple report formats. It provides users with numerous project functions. Setup wizard optimization and clear attendance settings make the software more user-friendly and reduces costs for user training. The software also has the flexibility to integrate with other payroll systems through a third-party database.

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