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Enhanced ATM Network Security and Customer Service Experience

Banks install large numbers of ATMs to improve service, to enhance market ability, and to reduce labor costs. ATM machines provide around-the-clock banking access to customers. With the convenience there also comes potential safety risks.

A Smart Solution For ATM Network

• Prevents crimes, ensures normal and safe transactions at ATM machines

• Helps ATM administrators keep machines operating correctly

• Prevents vandalism to ATM machines to protect a bank’s assets

• Records video surveillance footage of the whole process of a customer’s ATM machine use

• Provides material evidence for post-event and forensic analysis

• Links ATM machines to networked surveillance for central and hierarchical control

Solution Architecture


Application Scenarios

Critical ATM Areas


Along with banks, ATM machines and services are provided in many commercial complexes, supermarkets, and other public areas. Safety precautions for ATM machines are also necessary to ensure customer transaction security and bank property safety.


Independent ATMs Monitoring


Self-service Banking Monitoring


Protects ATM areas and users from potential financial crimes and ensures a safe transaction environment for customers.


Face Detection


Panel Detection

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