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School Bus Survillance


A Safe Journey for Students

A school bus system is one of the most important transportation methods for students all over the world. But the potential safety risks associated with them often go overlooked. A school bus security system should be able to:


• Supervise drivers to prevent unsafe driving
• Capture the bus’s interior and exterior for comprehensive monitoring
• Monitor the entire vehicle and ensure students remain safe to and from school

System Architecture


• Onboard video management

Mobile video recorder and cameras installed on vehicle


• Transmission Network
Using 3G or 4G network connections


• iVMS Management
Central management for monitoring and more


Optional Wi-Fi backup:
With high transmission speeds (over 30 Mbps per device), users can backup and secure all video footage of an entire day rapidly.


Log rides with student ID cards:
ID cards equipped with parent contact information send text messages as students board the bus. Information on a card also transmits to the command center for recording, reviewing, or exporting reports.

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